HK Rear Sight Tool For Diopter Sights

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HK Diopter Rear Sight Tool – Military Contract

Diopter sight tool is perfect for those that need to adjust all sizes of HK diopter type sights for the entire family of HK rifles including clones. A military contract over-run and mil-spec quality at the best price anywhere guaranteed! The best value in an HK diopter adjustment tool.

Sight tool will work on any HK diopter rear sight:

  • HK 91, G3, PTR91, PTR32
  • HK 93, 33, 53
  • HK 94, MP5
  • Zenith, POF, AA, Etc
  • HK SP89, MP5K
  • HK 21, 11, 13
  • HK 416, MR556
  • HK 417, MR762
  • GSG-5 With Diopter Rear Sight Upgrade
  • Any other HK custom build or clone that uses the rear HK style diopter sight
  • Brand: HKPARTS

In stock

SKU: HKP-16511

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  1. One person found this helpful

    Must Own Tool

    Scottie (verified owner)

    Great tool for adjusting HK diopter sights. For the price of these mil issued extras, every HK rifle and sub gun owner should have one in their range bag. Worked like a charm. Great buy!!

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  2. Peter L Moreno

    Just what I needed

    Peter L Moreno (verified owner)

    Extremely well made at an awesome price. Absolutely indispensable if you just got your MP5

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  3. adamw561

    Must own tool for Classic HK rifle sights


    If you own any of the HK rifles and pistols that have the Classic Dioptor or barrel sites this is a must have tool. I have purchased several of these over the years and they definitely work as they should . The only things that I would change is that plastic sleave should be metal since over time with use the little nubs will wear down. The other thing is that the tool should have a better way to store the sleeve. I have had to replace several of these tools because of a lost sleave and one had to be replaced because it fell off after use and my dog well puppy at that time chewed it up into a mangled flat chunk of plastic.
    Overall I have had the HK factory tool the mid range price version and the cheapest version. As for the function they all do thejob just as good be it the $20 or the $40, or the $80 dollar version. The only thinngs that are different between the most expensive factory tool and the generic tool is that the most expensive version says HK on it and has the ability to store the sleeve in a slot on the tpp of the handle that is very handy for storage and when the sleeve is not being used at the moment. Thats it and definitely does not justify the big difference in price. In fact I had originally purchased the factory tool years ago before there was anh other options for the site tool. Unfortunately that got lost after a few years and there were other options for the tool when I went to replace it and I decided to go with the mid priced option and had it for about a year before I lost the sleeve somewhere. I then decided to go with the lowest priced option and have stuck with the cheapest version ever since because they are only cosmetic differences between the three different versions and the reality is that they all work the same and they are constructed the same. So I simply can’t justify spending the cash on the more expensive ones. Personally I love HK firearms but they are expensive but HK can justify the high price of the guns and accessories. But there is no rational explanation for the factory tool being 4 x the price of the generic tool that works just as good as the factory HK marked tool. As a gun smith I have a ton of tools that are factory tools that do function far better than the generic tool and I will spend the money on a quality tool that will last a long time. A great example of that is the AR 15 Armors wrench that has the various wrenches to work on the stocks and barrels but are typically junk. But everyone who has an Ar15 has one laying around the tool bench. But the reality is that they are typically a $25 dollar tool. I have not used that tool in years and I found a generic castle nut wrench that cost $20 and has not broken or given me any issues in the decade thst I have been using it. But the best all in one tool that I have found is the Magpul AR15/M16/M4 wrench that is expensive for what it is but works better than the other junk that is on the market at a cheaper price. Granted that these days just about every handguard/Rail System/Forearm manufacturer has their own specific wrenches and tools for their products and the multi tool wrenches are not something that gets much attention these days but it does make a great example of a company that does make quality products and makes a quality tool that is light years ahead of the competition as for modernized and improved a tool that has been pretty much the same since it was first developed for the original Ar15 and M16s to hit the market before the military adopted the m16 as the standard issue rifle for all soldiers.
    With that said where is HKs innovation and high quality they are known for when they are selling an $80 screwdriver that is no different or better quality than the $20 generic tool on my bench. I will continue to use the generic model rear sight tool till the day HK drops their price significantly to a rational level or significantly improves the tool to justify the cost of their tool. They could easily develop a multi tool that has this sight tool, all the allen/torxs keys, screw drivers that they use on their rifles like what you see for most common platforms such as the ARs, 1911, Glocks, shotguns, mpx/mcx, etc .
    Bottom line is that this tool is neccessary if you have any guns or shotguns(Tromix Saiga 12) that have the rotary dioptor sights. Dont waste your money on the HK tool and get this one instead. That way you can use the $60 that you saved and use it for other parts or ammo for the range.
    You simply can’t go wrong with this tool. I don’t normally have a problem with the factory tools but when their just is not any difference between the factory tool and the generic tool it just rubs me the wrong way and I have to speak out against the company that is just ripping off the customer that has purchased the over priced tool and is bitter about it when its a neccessary tool but is marked up significantly by the manufacturer just because they have their name on the tool instead of Craftsmen etc.

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