Any fullsize HK MP5 stock/brace will fit any fullsize HK SP5 however, modification may be required to the buffer section of the stock/brace.

No, we do not have magazine blocks for the HK MP5 .22lr. We do have HKP-19923 that is a 10-round magazine.


It comes with everything you need unless you plan to do the build yourself in which case you will need a Flat Bending Jig Set (HKP-19595).

Gen 1 has a round bullet hole cutout and the bottom screws. Gen 2 has a square cutout hole and the added side screws for additional security.


No, the buffer is internal behind the backplate.

As long as the holster has an open bottom.


None of our parts kits are serialized.

2-3 weeks depending on current work demand.

O-rings are a high-wear item that provides the seal between the slide and the barrel, which provides a secure lockup with increased accuracy.


#2 6-32
#4 M4 x .7
#5 6-48
#6 6-48
Holosun 507k M3 x .5
Romeo 1 M4 x .7
Romeo Zero M4 x .7
Trijicon RMR CC 5-40



The HK MP5.22LR and the HK MP5SD will NOT take the same handguard.

As long as they are using an SEF style housing, not the ambi pictogram style housing.

It is not, gunsmith work is needed as it needs to be pressed in.

Use heavier-grain ammo. We recommend using ammo with a grain weight of 124 or higher. Reloaded ammo may not be as reliable, so we recommend using factory-loaded ammo. Make sure nothing is touching the barrel. Pull the slide all the way back to make sure that nothing is touching the barrel. If something is touching the barrel, it can cause the compensator to jam. Make sure you have a full solid lock. Do not limp wrist when shooting. Limp wristing can cause the recoil to push harder and in turn, can cause the pistol to not lock back/cycle correctly. If your pistol is new, your recoil spring may be too heavy. If this is the case, then you will want to leave your slide locked to the rear for about a week or so, so it can loosen up the spring. If you have tried all of these things and your compensator is still jamming or not cycling, you may need to contact the manufacturer of your compensator for further assistance.

Uninstall and reinstall. Stretch the spring just a little. You can also load it to full max and leave it loaded for 24-48 hours, unload, reload and it should be ok. Depending on how old the magazine spring is, you may have to just buy a new spring. If you've tested multiple mags and the issue still persists, this could signal an issue with the firearm itself.

Clones may require modification as they are not always up to factory H&K specifications.

It is very difficult to tell the difference unless you know what to look for. There should be a rectangle on the German stocks where HK used to put their date codes. USA stocks do not have that. The new batches from Michaels Machine will Have MM on the side near the hole for the push pin.

15x1 RH

Yes, but they will all need to be pressed in.

Yes they do. The difference is the outer diameter and length of the tube.

Yes, with our MP5 to MP5K Conversion Service (HKP-20473).

Both have the same trigger pull weight. The Match Pack has a less creep/shorter take up when pulling the trigger.

Yes they are highly reccomended.

Yes, they sould cowitness.

They do not, you can mix and match sizes.

Tek-Lok is a clip belt attachment making it easier take on and off the holster.

Signature Holster's or International Holster's.

18” with flash hider and about 16” with out the flash hider.