How to Install A Binary Trigger Group [VIDEO] | #HKP

How to Install A Binary Trigger Group [VIDEO] | #HKP

If you’re having trouble installing your binary trigger group, watch this video, or read through the instructions below.

Lately we’ve heard from some of our customers who have been having issues installing their new binary trigger groups onto their receivers. The biggest issue we’ve seen is the height of the binary trigger pack may be slightly higher at the front section.

Resolving this issue is simple. View the front of the trigger pack where the hammer would rest if it was forward. There you’ll find a hole where you can insert the larger diameter allen key that was included in your packaging.

If you turn the key clockwise, the trigger pack’s height will increase. If you turn the key counterclockwise, the pack will decrease in height.

The trigger pack should be parallel to the housing for the optimal fit.

Take into consideration that if you raise the trigger pack in height, your selectors will take more force to move through position. If you reduce the height, your selectors will become lighter and will take less force to move through positions.


11th Sep 2023 HKP

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