We carry the best selection anywhere of HK11 and HK21 Series (HK21E and HK23E) parts and accessories. We’ve got barrels, extensions, sights, and stocks. We sell new and used parts, whichever you’re looking for. Want something custom made? We do that too.

The HK11 / HK21 series (includes the HK21E and HK23E) are general purpose machine guns based on the G3 power rifle designed by Heckler and Koch. Used by armed forces in Asian, African, and Latin American countries, the HK21 variants have a large following, and for good reason.

Got parts or accessories questions about your HK21? Our knowledgeable and gun-friendly staff love talking to our customers. We love to talk shop, educate, and learn! Call us anytime, with any of your gun questions.

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