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HKP MP5 A3 Retractable Stock Buffer

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MP5 A3 Retractable Stock "H" Buffer For All HK A3 Retractable Stocks

The A3 stock buffer is a high wear and common replacement items that does need to be replaced when they become torn, cracked, brittle, discolored & worn. These units are made from the exact same material and durometer as the factory HK German units at a fraction of the cost. No out of spec or old military surplus or inferior Pakistani discolored, old surplus units here. These are factory fresh and current production.

When looking to replace your H buffer these are the signs that you will need to replace the buffer:discoloration, buffer becomes hard and brittle, tears or breakages of any type.

Guide for replacement & installation of the H buffer:

  • Use a set of needle nose pliers or a small flat head screw driver or other similar tool and remove the old buffer a piece at a time. Make sure the entire buffer and all of the pieces are removed. Clean the stock surface of any residual pieces or carbon build up.
  • Place the buffer in boiling water for several minutes or until the buffer becomes extra pliable. Simply press the new H buffer into the A3 stock opening until fully seated. As an alternate way to install the buffer a drop of lube on the end of the buffer tapered cone, with a wooden dowel or other hard object the buffer can be tapped into place and becomes flush.
  • Be sure that the buffer in installed so that is sits flat and lined up with the receiver rails so that the carrier and stock, end caps will line up properly when installed. If you need to adjust this it can be by turning the buffer slightly.
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