Timney HK MP5K 9mm 2-Stage Trigger Complete

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Timney Trigger for MP5K, SP5K

SEF Timney Trigger group comes completely assembled and ready to drop in to your receiver.

Set up with a 3rd generation German ejector lever, new SEF selector lever and a brand new factory German housing for the best trigger group available and exclusively only here at HK Parts!

We have 4 different varieties to choose from for the different style receivers like the standard MP5K, SP5K, Push Pin and a universal style housing that will be compatible with the standard MP5K and the SP5K spec style receivers. For those that have both style receivers and want to be able to swap them out with out having to completely disassemble there trigger group.

**Please make sure to choose the correct style housing for your receiver in the drop down menu. 

The Timney HK MP5K trigger is factory-set with a two pound first stage and a two pound second stage that elevates the platform so the shooter can achieve the utmost in accuracy.

Compatible with:

  • MP5K, SP5K
  • Zenith Z5-P
  • PTR 9KT
  • Century AP5-P
  • All other MP5K style clones.

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