Introducing The 1SHOT Dynamic Pistol Brace | #HKP

Introducing The 1SHOT Dynamic Pistol Brace | #HKP


If you’re looking for a way to take your shooting experience to the next level, look no further than the 1SHOT Dynamic Pistol Brace for VP9 & P30 systems. This fully detached brace offers a wide range of benefits that will enhance your accuracy, stability, and overall comfort, and best yet, is UNAFFECTED by ATF ruling 2021R-08F!

One of the main benefits of the 1SHOT Dynamic Pistol Brace is its ability to provide greater stability and control while shooting. With a solid platform to grip, you’ll have greater control over your firearm, leading to improved accuracy and precision. And with the ability to adjust the brace to your specific needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect position for maximum comfort and stability.

Another key benefit of the 1SHOT Dynamic Pistol Brace is its versatility. Whether you’re practicing at the range, participating in competitions, or simply enjoying a day out in the field, this brace is the perfect addition to your firearm. With its fully detached design, it can be easily attached or removed as needed, allowing you to switch between different shooting styles with ease or for quick storage in a vehicle or bag.

The 1SHOT Dynamic Pistol Brace is a great investment for any pistol owner who wants to improve their shooting experience. It’s built with high-quality materials that are designed to last, ensuring that you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits for years to come.



11th Sep 2023 HKP

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