How To Install An HK416 Pistol Brace Adapter [VIDEO] | #HKP

How To Install An HK416 Pistol Brace Adapter [VIDEO] | #HKP

Today we are installing a Pistol Brace or Stock Adapter for the HK 416 .22lr Pistol.

As always, begin by removing the magazine and checking that the chamber is clear before handling.

Next, unscrew the end cap from the back of the 416 pistol. Once this is done, leave the plate or buttstock tube lock (this is the formal name for it) – #15 on your bench mat – in place and install the 416 .22 stock or brace adapter on top of it.

Take the screw that comes stock with your pistol end cap and drop it in the recessed section of the adapter. Tighten the screw using your allen key, don’t over tighten or this will be difficult to remove. The screw will prevent the adapter from moving around.

From here you should be able to easily screw on any AR15 buffer tube and brace or stock.


Fits: AR 22, HK /Walther 416 .22lr

Manufactured: 100% made in the USA Easy to install no gunsmithing required machined from solid billeted alloy Hard coat anodized for a lifetime of use

11th Sep 2023 HKP

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