Introducing HKP Railok™ Compensators

Introducing HKP Railok™ Compensators

HK Parts is proud to introduce our brand new HKP Railok™ Compensators! Designed specifically for your HK P30, HK45, or VP9 pistol (with more coming), these precision upgrades deliver reduced recoil, lightning fast follow-up shots, better accuracy, and impeccably easy installation.


What is an HKP Railok™ Compensator?


HKP Railok™ Compensators deliver the performance benefits you expect – reduced recoil, faster follow-ups, and improved accuracy – but with unparalleled convenience and stability. Here's what sets the Railok™ system apart:

  • Lightning-Fast Installation: No gunsmithing required! The Railok™ system lets you securely attach your compensator to your pistol's Picatinny rail in seconds.
  • Rock-Solid Stability: Our proprietary locking mechanism ensures your compensator stays perfectly aligned, shot after shot.
  • Effortless Versatility: Need to remove your compensator quickly? The Railok™ system makes it a breeze, offering ultimate flexibility.
  • American-Made Quality: Each compensator is CNC machined from billet aluminum and finished with durable Cerakote, guaranteeing long-lasting performance.

HKP Railok™ Compensators – Find Your Perfect Fit


HK P30 & HK P30L Models:

HK45 & HK45C Models:

HK VP9 Models:


Important Note:

  • We recommend you use 124 grain or heavier ammunition with 9mm compensators and 180 grain or heavier with .40 S&W compensators.


More HK Upgrades Coming Soon!


HK PARTS is dedicated to expanding your customization options. Stay tuned, as we're actively developing HKP Railok™ Compensators for even more HK firearm models.


First-Time Buyer Tips


  • What Is A Compensator? A compensator (or "comp") is a device attached to the barrel that redirects expanding gases to reduce recoil and muzzle flip.
  • What Do Pistol Comps Do? Improves your accuracy, increases ease of shot follow-up, and creates an overall more stabilized shooting experience.
  • Choose The Right Fit: Make sure to select a compensator designed for your specific HK model and caliber.


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21st Feb 2024 HKP

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