Tommy Built HK G36C .300 BLK Conversion Kit

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Firearm Model:
5.56 / .223
HK G36C 556/223 To .300 Blackout Caliber Conversion - USAThe Tom Bostic .300 BLK conversion barrel set up is designed to drop in any G36C or Sl8 to G36C conversion and reuse your G36C op-rod/spring set, gas piston & barrel nut. Each set up comes with the custom designed 300 blackout barrel & gas block, replacement recoil rod/spring assembly and a replacement op-rod spring plate (I've found that some of factory punched steel H&K plates have burrs that hang up on my gas block, it's an easy swap if needed.) If this barrel set up is going into a new build you will need a barrel nut, C/K gas piston w/rings and the C op-rod /spring set.This set up is drop in and you only need the proper barrel wrench for install or you can ship it to TommyBuilt Tactical LLC for the installation. The barrel and gas block are Black Nitride coated for longevity and resistance against wear and corrosion. They are threaded in the standard USA .30 cal 5/8x24 thread pitch and will run both super sonic & subsonic .300 Black ammo. Most subsonic ammo will not properly cycle without a suppressor like most other platforms. All NFA rules apply this is a 9" barrel and requires an approved form 1 on standard rifles.

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