Magpul / HKP HK MP5 SSTG

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  • Magpul / HKP HK MP5 SSTG
  • Magpul / HKP HK MP5 SSTG
  • Magpul / HKP HK MP5 SSTG
  • Magpul / HKP HK MP5 SSTG


SSTG Magpul trigger group

The Single Stage Trigger Group is blend in between the past and the future. The trigger pack starts as a factory German trigger pack and gets professionally converted into a semi-auto trigger pack. After the conversion is done they get sent out to get the single stage trigger work done for a nice and crisp match grade trigger that will reduce the trigger pull from a 13lb pull to a 4-5lb trigger pull. Our job to complete this Trigger group is not done yet! We then take the factory Magpul SL housings and convert them into a push pin style housing (If requested) and had paint the pictograms to make the housings even more apealing. We add the Magpul ESK selector levers to complete the Magpul package. Once everything is fully inspected we then assemble all three units together to make the ultimate SSTG. This will be one of the go to trigger groups for those shooters that want the best of both worlds a little of the past mixed with the future. This offering is only available here at HK Parts!

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