HKP MP5 40/10 Trigger Group 4 Position Navy Housing (0,1) - Safe/Semi Only - Clipped & Pinned

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Firearm Model:
10mm / .40 S&W
HK MP5 40/10 - Semi 0,1 Trigger Pack Ambi- Safe & Semi OnlyFinally a lower cost alternative to the spendy & hard to find all German HK FBI or 0,1 ambidextrous trigger group in a 4 position Navy factory German HK housing. Now for the first time, we have the ever popular ambi trigger group available in an all German & US manufactured safe, semi trigger group complete. Each trigger group features a professionally converted semi auto, clipped and pinned lower & 100% complete ready to use on your HK firearm. Each trigger group is set up in 40/10mm with the latest production HK German ejector lever for the utmost reliability.Each MP5 40/10mm trigger group includes:
  • German trigger pack converted to semi, ambi
  • New German HK clipped & pinned 4 position ambi grip housing
  • New ambi 0,1, left side extended selector lever- US
  • New ambi 0,1, right side selector lever- US
  • Complete & ready to drop on your HK MP5 .40 cal or MP5 10mm semi auto firearm
Each trigger group is set up in .40 or 10mm for the following firearms:
  • HK MP5 40, MP5 10mm
  • HK MP5 40/10 style clones & other custom builds
Our trigger group offering is the most desirable MP5 40/10 trigger group available. Now you can upgrade your HK firearm to a true ambi trigger group with the extended selector lever as standard.This trigger group offering is available for about HALF of what the comparable all German HK trigger group costs.$$$ Save your money & buy extra mags and ammo $$$

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