HKP +5 HK Mark 23 & HK USP .45 Magazine Extension - Cerakote Red

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Firearm Model:
HK Mark 23
Firearm Model:
HK USP .45
.45 ACP
Magazine Capacity:
Ceratoke Red
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USP45 & Mark 23 +5 magazine extension adds five additional rounds to the 12 round factory USP45 & MK23 tactical magazine. Super easy to install simply add the mag extension to your existing mag body and follower. An easy 2 minute swap. No gunsmithing needed.  Ultra low profile, & rock solid. This offering is simply the finest +5 mag extension for your MK23/UPS45  firearm available. Each mag extension will increase the MK23/USP45 12 round magazine to a full 17 round capacity. Ideal for competitive shooters! Comes in cerakote red.   ****Coat issues with red dye

Dye sublimation, similar to the printing process with the same name, it’s the diffusion of dye transferred to the surface of the part and then thermally diffused to the surface during the cure process. There are only a few of our coatings that have dyes, our reds and oranges being some of them.
left over pigments on the top of the surface, ready to be wiped away, without any negative affect to the process or the coatings aesthetic or performance. It’s not ideal but happens when bright coating colors have dyes.

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