H&K Roller Retainer Spring - Action 3

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Spring Steel
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HK Action 3 Roller Retainer SpringThis part is the second generation roller holder.  Each retainer fits all "action 3" 9mm MP5 & MP5K bolt heads & MP5 40/10 bolt heads. The roller retainer spring is a common repair and replacement item and a "must have" for your spare part package as HK considers this part a consumable part. The roller retainer spring is responsible for keeping the 2 rollers captive in the bolt head assembly. Stock up while you can as we have the best price in the country with deep quantity discounts.overview of different generations or styles of roller retainer plates (see below for more information)
  • 1st generation oval shaped roller retainer plate (Only style up until 1989)
  • 2nd generation "S" shaped wire part # HKP-00068 (1989 until present)
  • 3rd generation thinner stamped steel F style plate (will only work in F style bolt heads 1999-present)

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