HKP 14.5 X 1 Micro Comp

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Installation Guide:1. Make sure, firearm is clear & unloaded...triple check to be sure firearm is "unloaded & safe".  Apply throughly  the " Vibra Tite" to the threads of the barrel and the screws before install and let sit.2. screw micro comp onto barrel all the way until fully screwed on and/or stops3. Back off and unscrew the comp as little as possible to time the 3 ports at the 12 o'clock position4. Make sure the comp is timed with the 3 oval sized ports at 12 o'clock5. Add a drop of blue Loctite to the threads of each set screw (red Loctite or Rockset are even better)6. Tighten down set screws 1/4 turn at a time and rotate between them 1/4 turn at a time with the hex tool provided but do not over tighten with the provided set screw wrench (make sure the comp remains timed)7. Using a torque wrench set at 12 pounds. Do not over tighten. The torque setting is sufficient.8. Allow the Loctite / Rockset to cure for a few hours before taking firearm to the rangePlease note: Allen wrench for the set screw is included.

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