H&K HK UMP .45 Conversion Kit

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Firearm Model:
.45 ACP
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HK UMP 45 Caliber Conversion Kit

The best option in parts for a must have caliber conversion kit. This option makes the UMP a far more optimize platform as you can simply swap in between calibers in about 5 minutes. Michaels Machine semi auto bolt is perfect to use for the TPM and the Gideon Shadow receivers as well as USC to UMP converted rifles as it will be a drop in bolt, no need to mill the bolt out to fit.  Michaels Machine flange barrel is set up like the factory HK German .45 barrel and includes a Factory new 25 round German magazine.   UMP .45 Caliber Conversion Kit includes:
  • UMP .45 Barrel
    • Michaels Machine UMP .45 flange barrel
  • Bolt Carrier
    • Michaels Machine UMP .45 Semi - Auto bolt group complete
    • German Internals for optimum performance
    • Tungsten Filled
    • Ready To Drop In Your UMP
  • HK German UMP .45 Magazine
    • 30 Round
    • Black Polymer
    • Rare and hard to find
*Each Kit gives you 2 of the 3 needed 922 compliant parts needed (Barrel and Bolt)*

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