The HK MK23, HK Mark 23, MK23 SOCOM is a semi-automatic large frame pistol chambered in . 45 ACP, specifically designed to be an offensive pistol. The HK MK23 has defeated all it’s competitors after being subjected to the toughest comparative trials of the US Army Special Operations Command. The US MK23 SOCOM is the result of these trials, and it comes paired with a laser aiming module and suppressor. 

HK Parts has all the accessories and parts you may need for your HK MK23 or MK23 SOCOM. We carry everything you could ever want for your firearm including holsters, frames, slide parts, magazines, lasers, night sites, and much much more.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask our expert staff. We are happy to assist you in your selection. We care about you having a great shooting experience, so feel free to contact us whenever you need us.

Not sure what you should get? Call us, we’d love to help you make an educated decision. Our expert staff eats, breathes, sleeps, and lives Heckler & Koch, gun parts, and gun accessories. We want you to have an optimal shooting experience and are happy to help you in any way we can.

We are your primary supplier for HK parts, Heckler & Koch accessories, and H&K gear in the United States. HK Parts is your go-to HKPro since 2002! We love hearing from you and want you to have the best shooting experience, so give us a call if you have any questions about our products.

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