We carry HK MR762 and HK 417 stocks and grips, and any other part or accessory you can fathom. We are the largest supplier of new and used Heckler & Koch parts, with the highest quality around. Our large selection includes bolt groups, lower and upper parts, stocks, grips, magazines and sights, and more.

The HK MR762 rifle was designed with both German and American engineering practices. The MR762 is a preferred weapon for hunting, sporting, tactical, and law enforcement. It’s manufactured through a very strict process to ensure every small detail will remain reliable and accurate for years to come.

The HK 417 is the larger caliber version of the HK416, and chambered for the 7.62×51mm NATO rifle cartridge. This selective fire rifle is gas-operated and equipped with a rotating bolt. The HK417 is used in roles where penetrative power, stopping power, and the range of a 7.62×51mm cartridge are required.

We carry a huge selection of HK parts including backstraps, barrels, frames, and grips. We also carry HK handguards, magazines, magwells, pistol stabilizing braces, safeties, sights, springs, stock adapters, stocks, triggers, and uppers.

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