HKP HK MP5 9mm Receiver Flat with Weldment Set

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MP5, SP5 Receiver Flat With Complete Weldment & Rivet Set

New MP5 receiver flat and weldment set combined for the best complete build option on the market. Made by the original German tool and die maker of the LSC receiver flat utilizing factory original German prints and specifications. The creator of our receiver flat has been regarded as the premier flat tooling expert, second only to H&K itself. Now we bring you a true, in specification, MP5 receiver flat incorporating several upgrades over previous versions. The latest and greatest offering on the market. The only option if you are looking for a top-notch build. Fully formed spine, pre-curved to allow proper specification and tolerances to be achieved by home-builders and professionals alike. Squared and trued rails that will not round or bow when using our bending jig. This new flat also features proper stock push pins holes at the rear of the flat. Each flat is carefully formed using high-strength ordnance steel. Location holes are provided on each flat to allow easy centering and stabilization while being folded. The flat is designed to be a plug and play solution for builders of any level. These flats are the highest quality available on the market, and are compatible with 9mm parts from HK, HK Parts, RCM, MKE, Zenith, POF, SW, etc. This new receiver flat has been years in the making.  The revisions incorporated in this latest design equate to less post-folding work required before final assembly.  Beta versions of this new receiver flat were distributed to some of the top builders in the US for feedback and tolerance confirmation before being offered to the public. This flat will become the most sought-after HK flat in the market.  The best receiver flat for a HK parts kit build or a full custom build. This item is not considered to be an FFL item and ships directly to you.

  • HK MP5, SP5
  • Other roller lock MP5 style clones or other custom builds

US made with US steel using German tooling and original HK prints and specifications.

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